Short Form Latest Project

USSSA Road to the Olympics

The U.S. Sport Silat Association approach us to take footage that had shot from a recent gathering to produce this piece. The timeline was very short and the idea was to start to educate people about sports Silat (Indonesian martial arts) and generate a buzz in multiple countries.  The end goal for the association is to have Silat recognized as an Olympic sport. We completed the project on time and well received by people around the globe.

Long Form Latest Project

Next-Door Nutrition

From the creative minds behind the award-winning documentary, Women Warriors, Bridges and Spectrum: Embracing Gender comes Next-Door Nutrition, a film aiming to educate viewers on the topic of the farm to table movement as an alternative to eating food that is widely processed or cultivated unnaturally. With eye opening interviews from urban farmers, local eatery owners and professional experts in the field, Next-Door Nutrition is an optimistic perspective that urges food production to shift from mass production to your next-door neighbor.
Next-Door Nutrition theatrical release was May 20, 2017 at the Bug Theater.
Synopsis: Next-Door Nutrition follows the current purveyors of the farm to table movement to help educate on how to locally sustain a community with urban farms, local eateries,farmers markets and education as it relates to being healthier, supporting your local economy and eating less processed foods. The defining purpose of the documentary culminates in portraying how eating locally also brings a community together and a larger voice to those who want the healthiest food for themselves and their own.